About Us

We are Foodies + our Favorite flavor is Saving !

The FADS APP brings you ALL the BEST Food + Drink specials in town, at the very BEST PRICES!

There is no more taking half an hour trying to decide where to EAT.

The choice is SIMPLE!

Find your Favorites and SAVE while you do!!

Upload Dishes
Build your restaurants
Publish when finished
Why FADS App?

So you don't get lost in the sea of MARQUEES!

There are more Food and Drink options available today than ever before. That means it's going to take much more than a Big Sign to grow your business.

People Want Value!!

The FADS App gives people exactly what they want...

The best Food + Drink choices, at the Best Price!

Let people know when you offer your specials, and watch the sales increase!

Turn your slow days into BOOMING days!! Or just add a little fire to what is already working, whatever you can handle.

Either way, Let the FADS App help you to grow your business!